No more examinations

After more than a decade of providing training and examinations for the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis we have decided that it is time to call it a day. We have great regard for the qualifications but it has become increasingly difficult to maintain the business, so it is time to think about new directions.

From 31 December 2016 we will only be available for in-company courses - so no public courses and no public exams. We will though keep the website up so that you still have access to the articles on the resources page, we may even add to it as the fancy takes us.

Our thanks and best wishes go to all who have used us over the years.

To contact us on any of these matters please ring 07768 872140 or use the comments page.

Process Models

Take a look at our latest post on process models.

There are many misunderstandings, you could say confusions, about how one should model processes. We do not want this to stop candidates passing exams so if you are scheduled to sit a Requirements Engineering exam then we strongly recommend this paper. It is not a definitive answer to the problems but it may help to resolve issues about which styles of notation are acceptable for modelling requirements/processes.

Free resources for you

The resources page is starting to build as we wanted it to - more articles on more topics, with the most recent being the continuation of the discussion on business events. We have even tried to keep it light by including the odd personal rant. We hope there is some relevance to these and that we are not just blowing off steam.

What do you want to see?

We will be adding more papers in the future so why not bookmark resources? If you think of anything you would like us to write about then let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Foreign language exam candidates

BCS has recently re-issued its regulations relating to exam candidates who require adjustments to the conduct or timing of exams. The Policy For Candidates Requiring Reasonable Adjustments spells out the details - see the BCS website for a copy.

Of particular note is the adjustment for non-native English speakers. If your native tongue is not English then you are eligible for an extra 15 minutes of exam time.

If you think you qualify for this, or any other adjustment, notify your exam provider. Note that this should be in advance of the exam date!

Cookie Policy

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