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Still a few places available for 14 October.

Exam dates

  • 14 October2014
  • 11 November
  • 9 December

  • 13 January 2015
  • 10 February
  • 10 March
  • 14 April
  • 12 May
  • 9 June

Exam prices

  • 160 per paper
Price excludes VAT


  • Examination T&Cs

Examination T&Cs

BCS Sample Exam Questions

Business Analysis Practice
Modelling Business Processes
Requirements Engineering

  • Routes to the examinations

We provide candidates with two routes to sit BCS examinations in Business Analysis and Data Management:

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  • Papers we offer

Candidates can select from the following papers:

Direct-entry candidates can choose to sit any of the papers from the list above.

Each direct-entry exam afternoon comprises two sessions, so candidates can sit two papers in the same afternoon should they wish.

For a description of our SMT exam just click here.

  • Examination Venues

Note that we do not use our Piccadilly address for examinations.

We have a selection of venues (in London only) that we use on a regular basis, all close to mainline stations. We advise the venue when you book.

  • To book an examination

Use the link to 'book exam' on the top navigation bar or just click here. Complete the details of the exam you want to sit and then we will confirm your reservation and send joining instructions and invoice.

  • Practitioner examinations

All Business Analysis Practitioner examinations comprise a one hour, written open-book paper, preceded by 15 minutes reading time. Candidates may therefore bring with them course notes, text books, or any other written material that they believe will be of use.

On completion of the examination we mark the scripts, inform candidates of the outcome, and then pass all the paperwork to BCS. BCS supply the Certificate to successful candidates.

  • Examination hints and tips

For many candidates these exams can be their first for a long time. The "Art" of Examinations may be of help.

  • Sample examination papers

We do not provide sample papers for candidates because these are what we accredit with BCS. Once accredited they are re-used so, obviously, we need to protect them.

The BCS web site now holds a selection of sample questions per subject. There are links to these from the appropriate course description on this site. We strongly suggest that you test yourself against these questions and that you read our comments on them in order to understand how they differ from actual exam papers. See our critique of BCS sample questions.

  • Candidate identification

All exam candidates, both direct entry and those attending a training course, must provide some form of identification.

Various documents are acceptable and we include full details in our course and exam joining instructions, but please note that failure to provide adequate identification may result in certificates being withheld.

  • Diploma examination

We do not run the Diploma examinations. BCS manages these itself although training providers can arrange examinations if they have a group of candidates. Normally candidates should book their examination directly with BCS - see

BCS has published a syllabus for the oral. The current version can be found at